Algarve News Dated 28th April 2017

Today we have taken a quick look at the Portuguese Resident online.

Headline: McCann source calls on “exclusive information on Madeleine mystery” to be handed over to police, immediately.

Some of the articles will not surprise you.  The tragic disappearance of Madeleine McCann is once again in the news because it is now the 10th adversity since to awful disappearance occurred.   The world media has once again descended on the peaceful holiday rental resort of Praia da Luz.


This doesn’t always happen in a way that individual’s rights to privacy are maintained.  It can at times cause a lot of stress.

I am sure if there was a positive result it would be all worthwhile.

As one who has an interest in Praia do Luz apartments and nearby Lagos Villa accommodation, it always strikes me as surreal how life just continuous as normal despite such a tragedy unfolding in this location.   It is a wonderful place to visit and stay.

Headline: Number of refugees fleeing Portugal “doubles in two months”Time’s (about to be) up for illegal holiday rentals’ online free-for-all

This article did surprise me.   I had to read it closely to get an understanding.  It appears that 1255 refugees entered Portugal mostly of Syrian origin.   Over 40% 474 left within a short period.  Some of these have their present location described as “unknown”.   It seems to be a worry for anti-terrorist agency throughout Europe.

But the fact is a lot of the refugees are highly educated and are looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

This contrast with the hundreds of thousands of European visitor that arrive in Portugal each year for the holiday of a lifetime. Staying in luxurious hotels in Vilamoura or wonderful Albufeira villas.

This quickly brings us to the last and final article from The Portuguese Resident

Time’s (about to be) up for illegal holiday rentals’ online free-for-all

It seems after a Portuguese Councils of Ministers meeting a resolution was passed which could change holiday rentals in Lagos and other places in Portugal.

They are insisting that holiday rental sites like only list properties that are registered with the Fiscal Authorities in Portugal.    The numbers that are registered is about 40,000   and it is guesstimated that there could be 120,000-holiday rental properties not registered.

They have given to July 1st to get your property registered or leave these websites.

Unfortunately, we all know the systems in Portugal and it could be a year before you get a property registered on the Government Offical website.

Watch this space.!!!!!!

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